Andrew Chan

When Andrew turned 18, he took the plunge and earned his wings. He caught the flying bug like the best of them. At 20, Michael started his first flight school- one of the first in the US to specialize in Sport Pilot Training. With an amazing job offer from JetBlue, he sold the business. After years away from his passion, Michael started his second flight school, Right Rudder Aviation in 2016. Today, RRA is a Premier Flight Training destination, FBO, and Pipistrel Panthera Aircraft Dealership.

As a dedicated career aviation educator, Michael's personal mission is to make the dream of flight accessible to everyone and instill each and every client with an innate, unrelenting culture of safety. Michael believes that SAFE plays a vital role in promoting aviation safety in GA.  

"Aviation is a gift to us all, It would be my extreme pleasure to give back to the aviation community as a board member.” - Andrew Chan