Ellen Quist - Secretary

Ellen Quist is our SAFE Board secretary and has been on the Board of Directors for two years. She is a contract corporate pilot and an active CFI in Minnesota. She brings great energy (and young ideas) to the SAFE board 🙏

Ellen started working as a line tech at the local FBO right after college, which gave her the funds and access to pursue pilot training. 

She was fortunate to do the bulk of her training with a local flying club and some excellent CFI mentors and is active in her local 99s and EAA chapters, as well as the Civil Air Patrol squadron that she joined at age 15.

Ellen works as an independent CFI/CFII and commercial pilot, and in addition to primary, commercial, and instrument training, she has lately added seaplanes. She loves to learn new airplanes and has a great passion for many facets of the aviation world. Her overriding goal is to encourage her students to be curious and always try to expand their own knowledge and skillsets; "lifetime learners are SAFE pilots!"