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Cheyenne, of Upstate New York, is the first SAFE CFI Scholar recipient. She won our initial CFI scholarship and trained with SAFE supporter CFI Bootcamp (on very short notice) during December 21. She went right to work completing the extensive 40-hour online prep course. Then the two-week intensive classroom and flight training experience got her fully ready for the flight test. Like many CFI aspriants, Cheyenne already had some right seat familiarity and practice teaching. She needed the deeper knowledge and intensive, curated practice to fully embed her skills. SAFE member (and long-time DPE) Tom Cordell conducted her test and issued Cheyenne's temporary with high compliments. Cheyenne now wisely works with a qualified mentor to guide her first steps as a CFI.

The new SAFE CFI Scholar program is funded with contributions from generous SAFE members. SAFE has provided modest annual aviation education grants for elementary and secondary school teachers since 2009, but this marked the first SAFE CFI flight training scholarship. Please contribute generously to keep this initiative funded!

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SAFE’s Aviation Educator Mentoring Program enhances the professional development of aviation educators.

Through mentoring and support, participants grow stronger and smarter in promoting a safe aviation environment.

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SAFE offers grants to encourage K-12 teachers to incorporate aviation-themed lessons into their normal curriculum. Aviation and aerospace topics are the perfect for teaching science, math, history, an art.