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This is a weak area on *all* FAA evaluations (who you gonna call and when?) (The FAA is *not* who you call though this may happen at a towered field) Read this for better understanding👍#SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots SAFE Blog:

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General Aviation serves every community with a local airport👍 Tired of TSA and “hub and spoke” routing (not to mention your uncivil seat mate slumber party)? Learn to fly yourself👍

“GPS Direct IFR” eliminated all “G airspace” above 1200 AGL. Most pilots (and many CFIs) are still confused😳 Read this SAFEblog #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

GA flying under Part 91 regulations provides great freedom, flexibility (and FUN)! Safety requires greater self-control and risk management (largely “unregulated😳) #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Pilots are special (and lucky) people. Respect (and continually improve) your gifts🙏 Please mentor new pilots (and CFIs) - support SAFE (not-for-profit)👍 #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Free webinar - learn “Reflective Analysis” for committed pilots or educators; all learning is “personal improvement! Earn FAA Master WINGS for this course too 👍 #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Download our FREE “SAFE Toolkit” App 👍⬇️

SAFE CFI-PRO™ Free Tools! ⬇️⬇️

“Checkride Ready!™️DPE advice! ...👍⬇️

SAFE “Extended Envelope Training” 👍⬇️

The best CFI Insurance! 👍⬇️

New CFI “Survival Tools”

The critical skills a new CFIs must learn are compassion, patience and empathy! Often the standard “pilot personality” can interfere with effective education Loin our FREE webinar or get resources on our free “SAFE Toolkit” App #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE ...#MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Promoting Excellence in Aviation Education

We Are All About Our Members

Member Driven
Open to All Aviation Educators
Advancing Safety & Standards
Promoting Aviation Education as a Viable Career Choice

Help us create the aviation education profession we all want... An organization that promotes accountability, transparency, professionalism and fairness in everything we do.  Join SAFE today!

I believe SAFE is bringing a new level of professionalism and pride to being an aviation educator”

- R. Hempel, TX

VISIT SAFE At Major Air Shows

Each year, SAFE participates in Air Shows across the country.  Starting in the spring with Sun-n-Fun in Lakeland, Florida thru the Summer and Fall months at EAA AirVenture, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Stop by our booth to discover the ways SAFE supports Aviation Educators. 

SAFE members-only Online Training Courses

SAFE provides a members-only Resource Center, with online courses and teaching aids.

These resources are available for members after logging in to our members only website.

Top 5 Reasons to Join SAFE:

Reason #1: 

SAFE is a Member-Centric Organization

  • Members Elect 100% of the Board of Directors
  • All Directors held accountable to the membership
  • Members have a say in governance and other activities
  • Member recognition for outstanding contributions to the organization
  • No other comparable organization comes close to this open governance model!

Reason #2: 

Our Exclusive Member Benefits

  • Discounts available from more than two dozen corporate partners
  • Discounted subscription to FLYING Magazine (print and digital)*
  • Comprehensive CFI Lability Insurance Program
  • Needs-based Mentoring Program
  • Members-Only Resource Center
  • Special Activities for members and special guests
  • The only organization of it's kind offering such an array of benefits!

Reason #3: 

Ability to Promote Yourself Through the SAFE Website

  • Your listing included in our online Find a SAFE Member database
  • Your profile included in SAFE's directory of Member profiles
  • Your events and news considered for posting in the "Calendar of Events" and "News" areas
  • Increase your credibility/visibility as an expert by contributing to our online Resource Centers
  • Interact with other members across the spectrum of aviation topics

Reason #4: 

Support & Defense of Members' Interests

Reason #5: 

Aviation Educators Worldwide are Welcome

  • Open to anyone involved, or even interested in Aviation Education on any level
  • Recognition that "Aviation Education" is far broader than just flight instruction
  • Sponsor of K-12 Classroom Teacher Grants
  • The only organization of it's kind where different aviation education disciplines can interact and coordinate efforts!

"I am truly impressed by the efforts and accomplishments of SAFE…. The desire to be a member centric organization is the main draw. SAFE has earned the respect of many big names in aviation and that says a lot…"

- J. Runner, CA

SAFE Membership Levels

Member Feature:

Regular Member

Lifetime Membership

SAFE Member Voting Privileges

Member Discounts (ForeFlight, etc.)

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SAFE Toolkit App:

The SAFE Toolkit App is the "go to news and tools" for the professional aviation educator.  Includes quick reference guides for instructor endorsements, Test Codes Key, ACS/PTS/FAR/AIM, Tail Number Lookups, FAA Wings Decoder and so much more. 

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