Dear SAFE Member,

 I am pleased to announce that SAFE’s new, moderated, and pop-up-ad-free Forum is open for business! To kick things, off, we’ve seeded the new Forum with more than forty sub-topics divided into the following half-dozen broad categories:

* Features Check-out

* General Discussions

* Nuts, Bolts, & Electrons

* The Paperwork

* Type-Specific

* Education Issues

We have set up permissions to use the Forum as follows:

Guest — read-only access to Forum discussion topics.

Member — full access to Forum discussion topics, which means you can:

            a. Reply to and start topics

            b. Upload images, including an Avatar

            c. Have signatures

            d. Private Message

            e. Edit your own topic titles and posts

            f. View member profiles

            g. Report Objectionable Posts

            h. And more!

Guest refers to anyone who has not registered on the SAFE website, whether you are a card-carrying SAFE member or not.

Member refers to anyone who is a SAFE member and has also registered on the SAFE website. You must be registered and logged in to the website to post to the Forum.

Just because you are a SAFE member does not mean that you are registered on the SAFE website — you must register for that separately! To date, approximately half of our members have also registered on the website. If you have not yet registered on the website and you want to have access to the Members Only area as well as full access to the Forum — both of which are benefits you are entitled to as a SAFE member! — please submit the registration form available at

Otherwise, please proceed direct to the Forum:


Doug Stewart, 


Society of Aviation & Flight Educators

About the author 

Doug Stewart (Lifetime Member)

MCFI/ DPE, 2004 National CFI OTY. Specializing in instrument training, tailwheel training, and sport pilot training. Currently SAFE Executive Director.

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