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 FAAmentorBestPracticesAbout the Program

SAFE’s Aviation Educator Mentoring Program enhances the professional development of aviation educators and pilots at all levels. Through mentoring and support, participants grow stronger and smarter in promoting a safe aviation environment. This program is now on Facebook and accessible to every pilot.


Every CFI (and those working in progress) May Participate

Mentees (those seeking mentoring).

  1. Mentees must be aviation educators or in training programs to become aviation educators. Please join our FaceBook Mentoring Connector Group (accept the group policies) and ask your question there. This is a kind and sharing space, every question is welcome (and others will learn from it).

Mentors (those providing mentoring).

  1. Mentors must be SAFE members in good standing.
  2. Mentors apply on this form and supply two references who can verify that mentors possess sufficient expertise in aviation or aviation education to warrant the respect of their aviation peers.
  3. At least one reference should hold a position of authority in the aviation community such as a Designated Pilot Examiner, FAA representative in a relevant position, Chief Pilot, Director of Education Program, FAASTeam Representative, or any other person in a position acceptable to the Mentoring Program Committee chair. This requirement helps to assure the quality of approved Program Mentors.

Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance as a mentor.

How to Participate

SAFE members interested in becoming mentors should read “Best Practices in Mentoring,” and complete a simple online application.

CFIs seeking mentoring are encouraged to join and participate in our SAFE Mentoring Connector FaceBook Group. Our Mentors are moderators in this group and will answer your questions quickly and accurately based on their considerable experience. If you sense a deeper engagement would be beneficial, you are encouraged to DM a mentor and meet online for more extensive and personal assistance with your situation.

Mentor Application Process

Complete and submit the application and the program director will contact you via email to complete the process. 

Contact Us for More Information

Dorothy Schick and Michael Phillips
Email: safeaviationeducation[a]gmail.com

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