Accelerate your CFI Mastery with
SAFE's CFI-PROficiency Workshop

Professional development is essential in aviation. And there is something for every aviation educator at our CFI-PRO™ Workshop; offered on request at *your* location. (2/3rds of active FAA CFIs have taught for less than 1 year!)

Whether you are new to aviation education (even working on a CFI) or a seasoned veteran, this learning opportunity will reinvigorate your teaching and accelerate your mastery and proficiency with new ideas and techniques. 

live safety-oriented aviation seminar with fresh, level-appropriate knowledge for CFIs… Excellent!

Excellent opportunity to discuss subjects in flight training with flight instructors from across the country

The majority of pilots only fly (and train) in <10% of the flight envelope. These limited pilots are vulnerable to LOC-I when displaced by an emergency or upset.  DPEs also see fewer student pilots familiar with turning stalls (a standard maneuver available in the private ACS) on checkrides. We know this comes from their CFIs.

We need instructors learning and spreading "Extended Envelope Maneuvers" to expand their proficiency and confidence thereby reducing LOC-I accidents.

Previous workshops presenters have included as many as five FAA National Award Winners).   

“this is a great event that really helps increase your tools for teaching

SAFE's CFI-PRO™ Inspiration 

The original inspiration for this program is the 20 year old Orlando FSDO CFI Special Emphasis Program which in only two years was able to reduce instructional accidents in their very busy flight district by an astounding 60%. Elevating aviator excellence has a proven effect on safety and pilot quality. We want to scale this to our entire pilot population by improving aviation educators (SAFE mission).

SAFE's CFI-PRO™ Clinic - Closing the Gap Between "Good to Great!"

Our 80% drop-out rate in aviation education has become an accepted embarrassment accept as "normal" rather than fix. A comprehensive AOPA study identified the CFI as the key reason flight students either stay and succeed or abandon their dreams. As in LOC-I,  the aviation educator is the “inflection point” or "influencer" we need to address and improve. This program will include resources to improve your educator effectiveness (SAFE Resources) and thus reach every pilot flying.

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