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Individuals who are passionate about sharing the gift of flight


SAFE is a member-oriented organization of aviation educators fostering professionalism and excellence in aviation through continuing education, professional standards, and accreditation. Together with our industry partners and the Federal Aviation Administration, SAFE provides the aviation community with resources to advance the profession and to assist aviation educators in developing skilled, knowledgeable, and safe members of the aviation community.We invite you to get to know us.

Explore the SAFE website. Visit us often as we grow. Ask questions. And if you share SAFE’s goals of accountability, transparency, fairness, and professionalism, let us know. We welcome your participation as we build an awesome organization.

Vision Statement

"Promoting Excellence in Aviation Education"

Mission Statement

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) works to create a safer aviation environment by:

  • Supporting aviation educators with mentoring opportunities, educational resources, and other benefits
  • Inspiring professionalism through promotion and recognition of excellence and enhanced education
  • Representing aviation educators through interaction with the aviation industry and government
  • Promoting learning in all areas of aviation for everyone at every level

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