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The SAFE Spring Sweepstakes starts tomorrow (3/20)! Join/Donate/Step-Up to enter for a chance to win a Lightspeed “Delta-Zulu” or AerOx PrO2 oxygen system, or Sporty’s PJ2+ handheld🤣👍 #SAFEpilots #flySAFE #MasterCFI #CFIpro #SnF23 #flySnF #aviation

Takeoff and initial climb contain under-appreciated risk. Add *awareness* to your take-off script *BEFORE* adding power to go flying. See today's #SAFEblog. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Add Safety (Awareness) *Before* Flight! - Aviation Ideas and Discussion!

Add greater safety to your flying with takeoff awareness and preflight preparation. More CFI emphasis here saves lives.

Watch this excellent AOPA early analysis of the Winterhaven mid-air. Many planes still operate without ADS-B and "see-and-avoid" is a trained skill requiring constant vigilance; many lessons here! #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Early Analysis: Midair Collision March 7, 2023 Winter Haven, FL

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is the largest community of pilots in the world, providing aviation advocacy, education &...

Mechanical issues are the root cause of many accidents. We need to maintain vigilance and sharp maintenance techs. to find these *before* trouble occurs. Here are some known bad actors from incident reports! #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Getting The Shaft - Aviation Safety

Cessna U206E Stationair Broken Fuel Selector Shaft The fuel selector shaft’s top u-joint (p/n 1216608200) was twisted and a tab broke as the pilot...

IFR safety depends on fastidious attention to detail and comprehension of nuanced differences. Read this great article explaining some IFR subtleties that can snare the unaware pilot. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

Beta is pursuing certification of a conventional TO/L electric aircraft, which uses airport runways, while simultaneously working on eVTOL technology. The Avia plane has flown a total of 22,000 miles and completed a 386-mile flight during two years of human-crewed testing. Compare a $20 recharge to... $500-$700 in fuel for a similar turbine. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots #betaflight

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Electric plane manufacturer BETA Technologies aims for eCTOL and eVTOL markets

The Burlington, Vermont-based company is well on its way to certification.

IFR safety depends on fastidious attention to detail and comprehension of nuanced differences. Read this great article explaining some IFR subtleties that can snare the unaware pilot. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Tale of Two Approaches - IFR Magazine

According to recent FAA statistics, there are approximately 1292 “plain vanilla” ILS approaches that are designed to Cat I minimums—usually a ...

SAFE CFI-PRO™ presents at Sun N Fun Forums! Tips and tools for CFIs. Pilot forums too👍#flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #safepilotssafeskies

A coalition of "aviation alphabet" groups has joined forces to fight a recent PSI Test Center price modification that is closing local testing centers across the country. The revenue from local FAA testing supports the GA infrastructure. PSI holds an FAA-monopoly contract and is ...eliminating private competition. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Alleged Knowledge Test Issues Prompt Flight Training Protest - AVweb

Flight training organizations along with EAA and AOPA are urging the FAA to take a hard look at the availability and effectiveness of aviation...

Thanks to some committed members of congress, General Aviation may (finally) receive recognition - and more money - in this year's FAA Reauthorization Bill: "The time is now to make smart investments in general aviation, and we also have to ensure that all areas of the federal government... support our GA community," said Rep. Garret Graves. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Lawmakers Stress Support for Investing in General Aviation

House aviation subcommittee chair Garret Graves calls for improving general aviation investments while T&I chair Sam Graves seeks more advocacy.

Aviation provides amazing opportunities, but requires discipline and commitment for safety! #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #safepilots

Safety benefits of new tech! “See and avoid” over rated; new Lightspeed “Delta Zulus” protect from monoxide poisoning #flySAFE #CFIpro #Lightspeed #SAFEpilots

The technological tools we have as pilots have greatly enhanced safety. "Old school" flying chops are essential, but the newer technology has enhanced safety and made our jobs more manageable. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Safety Gifts From Technology! - Aviation Ideas and Discussion!

If you have been flying for more than a few years, you were trained with the “see and avoid” technique of traffic avoidance. And if you are like...

Lightspeed's new Delta Zulu headsets provide legendary durability and comfort *PLUS* new smart technology to protect the pilot! Enjoy sharper audio with "HearingEQityᵀᴹ" and the protection of a built-in CO alert. Monoxide is a poisonous threat in *every* piston plane! Register ...with SAFE @ SunNfun "Charlie Hangar #19/20" to win a LIghspeed Delta Zulu headset! #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Introducing Delta Zulu

Great legacy headsets, like a Lightspeed Zulu 3 or a Bose A-20 deliver value as excellent audio communication devices. But they’re just ANR...

Good comm. is essential to safety (even when not required); avoid close calls! There is a difference between NORDO and just not using your radio. Read this NASA report at a non-tower field. If it is too quiet, check your freq. 🤣 #flySAFE #MasterCFI #CFIpro #SAFEpillots

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Cessna pilot not making calls almost causes midair collision — General Aviation News

As we were seconds away from turning final, we turned to clear extended final approach when a Cessna 172 came across our flight path, narrowly ...

NE pilots: Join us for the full-day Syracuse Safety Stand Down (KSYR) Free lunch is provided! Sat. March 25th KSYR. Drive in/Fly in (please SHARE🙏) #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Syracuse Safety Stand Down, Sat. March 25th!

A full day of safety seminars with learning, camaraderie and free lunch served. Please register on the FAA Safety Website!

Try this (FREE) simulator challenge! High mountains and low clouds 😵‍💫 Bring your turbo/HP simulator aircraft: The best time to build skills and correct knowledge deficiencies is during training! #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Low Clouds at Altitude - IFR Magazine

For this sim challenge, we’re back in the mountains because it’s just so much fun in the sim. You’ll fly two short hops over the Rocky...

Cloud Ahoy is a clever flight training/briefing software, that provides complete tracking and grading of every sortie. Now Cloud Ahoy has released a Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) program to review and grade your performance after every flight. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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CloudAhoy releases flight operations quality assurance product for general aviation — General Aviation News

CloudAhoy P-FOQA is pilot-centric (the P is for pilot), providing objective feedback to the pilot immediately after landing.

The difficult subject for pilots; watching the "Inevitable Accident!" We cannot stand by and let someone fly into serious trouble and kill themselves. Take the keys; "friends don't let friends fly stupid..." #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI ...#SAFEpilots

An amazing 20% of GA accidents involve "showing off" (and sometimes inappropriate aerobatics) This would seem easily fixable but attitudes are fairly persistent. Read today's SAFEblog #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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20% of Accidents Involve Showing Off!

"Showing Off" = 20% of accidents that might be the hardest to fix. Simple changes in attitude require personal growth; be professional in your flying.

There is huge pressure on the FAA to lessen the standards for ATP, with all kinds of proposed waivers for experience. SAFE urges caution; the recent safety record speaks for itself! #SAFEpilots #CFIpro #MasterCFI #flysafeflyazman

Everyone loves sharing their flying videos; AOPA Legal says “Be smart about it!”

Meg Godlewski points out the importance of mentoring in a recent Flying Mag article here. SAFE members can sign up for mentoring on our new website: (at any level) #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI

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The Importance of Mentors - FLYING Magazine

There are two kinds of certified flight instructors: those who taught you to teach, and those who taught you what not to be.

Learn more about SAFE's CFI-PRO at SnF 2023. Two CFI Forums and two pilot improvement forums are scheduled. Check online. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

Dave Rathbun, a Vision Jet Chief Engineer crashed into the ice-covered St. Louis River, four minutes after takeoff in a Cirrus SR22 GTS G6 (N929DR). Rathbun had been with the company for 26 and instrumental in the design and certification of the SR20, SR22, SR22T as well as the SF50 Vision Jet. ...#SAFEpilots #CFIpro #MasterCFI #flySAFE

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Cirrus Chief Engineer flying SR22 killed in icy crash after takeoff

On Friday a Cirrus SR22 GTS G6 crashed into the ice-covered St. Louis River, four minutes after takeoff, killing the pilot, a Vision Jet Chief...

Running out of fuel is still #1 way to end up in a field. This accident had the added challenge of asymmetric thrust after one engine failed first and was fatal for the occupants. Read this FREE article from Aviation Safety #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots

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Approach Fuel - Aviation Safety

Ensuring there is fuel aboard the airplane adequate for the planned flight is a basic, primary responsibility for any pilot. Unfortunately, the...

Bad news for test applicants and a surprise vacation for all DPEs. The FAA IACRA site is down for a while as techs. rebuild the site! (Waa that NOTAM guy at work here?) Remember when IACRA was the hated "new fangled thing?" Now we can't live without it. #SAFEpilots #CFIpro #MasterCFI... #flySAFE

Daily aviation resources and ideas from SAFE for passionate pilots and aviation educators🤣👍