SAFE Chairman, Doug Stewart, announced this afternoon, that Cessna and SAFE had signed a contract for Cessna to provide the exclusive sponsorship of the SAFE website through December, 2011. 

According to Cessna Pilot Centers Manager, Julie Filucci, “Cessna has long recognized the important symbiotic relationship between building airplanes and teaching people how to fly them. This is embodied in the philosophy behind our Cessna Pilot Centers, the Safety Stand Down Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic Cessna developed last year, and now in our relationship with SAFE.”

“I look forward to our partnership with Cessna”, Stewart said, “and in having their support as we move ahead, together, to improve the safety of flight through quality aviation education.”

To see the Cessna footer that appears at the bottom of each SAFE webpage, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

About the author 

Doug Stewart (Lifetime Member)

MCFI/ DPE, 2004 National CFI OTY. Specializing in instrument training, tailwheel training, and sport pilot training. Currently SAFE Executive Director.

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