First Step in Comprehensive Mentoring Program Now Available

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) has expanded its online Library to include educational material contributed by SAFE members. A Library Editorial Review Committee (LERC), review guidelines, and an online submission process have been established and tested, and are now ready for use.

According to SAFE Director and LERC Chair, Alan Davis, “The SAFE Library has a lot of the usual material one would expect to find on an aviation website. What distinguishes our Library from the rest is the addition of member-contributed material specifically for the benefit of all SAFE members.” Davis continued, “SAFE is fortunate to have many of the world’s top aviation educators in its ranks. Some of these individuals have already voluntarily contributed material to help others become the best educators they can be.”

For instance, the revamped Library has been seeded with member-contributed material that includes the following:

  • A Sport Pilot Training Syllabus developed by a past National Flight Instructor of the Year and current Designated Pilot Examiner
  • A Tailwheel Transition Training FAQ submitted by another past National Flight Instructor of the Year
  • Links to Audio Flying Tips by a Master Instructor
  • Links to Audio/Visual Presentations on First Solo as well as overviews of GPS and Transponders

All SAFE members are now encouraged to submit material for review by the LERC.

A critical mission for SAFE is the development of a comprehensive mentoring program. One part in the strategy is passive mentoring vis-à-vis the online Library. Active mentoring is the other part, and SAFE is simultaneously developing proactive programs as well.

Note to SAFE members: In order to access the Library, you will need to be logged in to the SAFE website first. From there, follow the links provided under Members Only > Library to either “Enter the Library” or “Contribute Material to the Library”.

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