Impressive Line-up of Member Contributed Material Already Available

The relaunch of the SAFE Members-Only Library less than two weeks ago has resulted in the contribution of nearly two dozen documents, PowerPoint presentations, and audio/visual links by members, for members. The virtual shelves are filling up, with more submissions currently under review by the Library Editorial Review Committee (LERC). Here is a list of member-contributed material in the Library so far (some material appears in multiple categories, as appropriate):


  • Turbulence – Do You Know YOUR Va?; Alan Davis; .pdf document
  • Vg Diagram and Va – Good Friends of the Pilot; Alan Davis; PowerPoint

Airwork, including Takeoff & Landing

  • 3 Point or Wheel; Doug Stewart; .pdf Document
  • A Notch in Time; Alan Davis; .pdf document
  • FIRC Funk; Doug Stewart; .pdf Document
  • Flying Tips; Rich Stowell, Audio
  • HAT Check; Doug Stewart; .pdf Document
  • Landings; Doug Stewart; .pdf Document
  • Preparation for First Solo; Russel Still; audio/video link
  • Quit Stalling; Doug Stewart; .pdf Document
  • Sport Pilot Procedures Guide; Doug Stewart; .pdf document
  • Tailwheel Transition FAQ; Rich Stowell; .pdf document
  • The Infamous 8-hour Solo; Russell Still; .pdf Document
  • You’re Slipping; Doug Stewart; .pdf document

Emergency Procedures

  • Best Glide; Doug Stewart; .pdf Document
  • Prepare to Survive; Chuck McGill; .pdf document

Human Factors

  • Situational Awareness in TAA; Mark Adams; .pdf Document

IFR Procedures & Instruction

  • Comparison of Instrument PTS D and E(rev.2); Arlynn McMahon; PowerPoint Presentation


  • “GPS Overview”; Russell Still; Audio/Visual
  • “The Transponder”; Russell Still; Audio/Visual


  • How Humid IS your day?; Alan Davis; PDF document & PowerPoint


  • The Infamous 8-hour Solo; Russell Still; .pdf Document


  • Sport Pilot Training Syllabus; Doug Stewart; .pdf document

Testing – Written, Oral, Practical

  • Comparison of Instrument PTS D and E(rev.2); Arlynn McMahon; PowerPoint Presentation
  • Prepare for Your Checkride; Larry Bothe; PowerPoint Presentation

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Thanks to all those who have provided material thus far. If you, too, have material you’d like to contribute, begin the submission process by logging onto the website and following the links Members Only > Library > Contribute.

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