CPCs Encouraged to Present “Learn to Fly” Seminar

As part of International Learn to Fly Day on May 15th, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) and Cessna Aircraft Company have produced a Learn to Fly seminar. A customizable template of the presentation is being made available to Cessna’s global network of more than 280 Cessna Pilot Centers (CPCs) for use not only on Learn to Fly Day, but throughout the year during other events as well.

Most CPCs plan to participate in Learn to Fly Day. Anyone who visits and registers with a domestic CPC on the day of the event will be eligible for two drawings: First prize is a $10,000 flight training credit at a CPC; second prize is a $5,000 flight training credit at a CPC. In addition, participating CPCs around the U.S. will hold local drawings for a free Cessna Sport/Private kit and their first flight lesson.

For more than 80 years, Cessna has been the leader in teaching the world to fly. Cessna is also the exclusive sponsor of the SAFE website. SAFE embraces everyone who is involved in, or passionate about, aviation education.

EAA’s International Learn to Fly Day is designed to raise interest in flying and encourage current pilots to get individuals involved in aviation.

SAFE – https://safepilots.org/
Cessna – http://www.cessna.com/

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