During the second annual membership dinner-meeting held in Oshkosh, WI, on July 29, 2010, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) presented several awards to its members. According to SAFE Chair Doug Stewart, “It is vital for volunteer organizations to acknowledge the time and effort invested by their members.” He added, “SAFE Awards recognize outstanding or unique contributions to the growth and promotion of our organization in particular, or to the broader aviation community as a whole.”

  • Master Instructor Brian Robbins of Columbus, NJ, who epitomizes the concept of selfless service by contributing way above and beyond the “call of duty”, received the 2010 Founders Award “in recognition for selfless service in support of the Mission and Vision of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators”. Robbins serves as SAFE’s Membership Database Manager.
  • Master Instructor Pat Knight of Naperville, IL received the 2010 Service Award “in recognition for outstanding contribution and selfless service to the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators”. Knight served as SAFE’s Charter Secretary.

The top recruiters during SAFE’s 2010 GaMe Plan Membership Drive were also recognized:

  • Jeffrey Robert Moss, 2010 National Flight Instructor of the Year, was the top recruiter and winner of a Zulu ANR headset sponsored by Lightspeed Aviation.
  • Rod Machado, well-known author and aviation humorist, was the second place winner of a Garmin Nuvi 765T car GPS sponsored by Avionics Specialists LLC.
  • Master Instructor Michael Phillips was the third place winner of an “Ultimate FIRC Package” consisting of an online Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic sponsored by Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA), plus the textbooks, “GPS & WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook” provided by Max Trescott and “Stall/Spin Awareness” provided by Rich Stowell.
  • Master Instructor and SAFE Vice Chair Mark Adams won an AirClassics headset donated by ASA in a random drawing of GaMe Plan recruiters.

SAFE has deployed an Awards page on its website that includes an online form for award nominations in several categories. See http://www.SafePilots.org/ member-profiles/awards-recipients/ for more information as well as a complete list of GaMe Plan recruiters.

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