The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) recently fulfilled a key pledge to its members by successfully debuting its instructor liability insurance program. During AirVenture, Master Instructor Lou Wipotnik of Mount Prospect, IL became the first member to enroll in the new program. The 1996 National Flight Instructor of the Year, Wiptonik qualified for all of the additional discounts available to members under the SAFE plan. According to Wipotnik, “I was really impressed with the details of this insurance program.” He added, “I’m now receiving more comprehensive coverage than the plan I had been using, yet paying an annual premium that’s eighteen percent lower!”

In the SAFE booth at AirVenture, Wipotnik (seated to the left in the photo) sealed the deal with a handshake with Starr Aviation Solutions’ Jim Anderson as SAFE Chair Doug Stewart looked on.

At the SAFE dinner-meeting, Wipotnik was congratulated by Aviation Insurance Resources’ Chris Wolbert as Doug Stewart looked on.

The SAFE insurance plan offers up to 25% in discounts for SAFE members, including discounts for instructors who participate in the Master Instructor Program (administered by Master Instructors LLC), those who participate in the FAA Wings Program, and those who are claims free. Qualified members can also finance their premium payments. A few of the coverages under the SAFE plan include:

  • Flight Instruction, checkouts, check rides, and personal or business use in single-engine and multi-engine landplanes, sailplanes, single-engine seaplanes, LSAs, standard and experimental categories
  • Negligent Instruction Liability coverage (including ground instruction)
  • $1,000 Medical Payments, including the insured CFI
  • $1,000 Personal Effects (headphones, charts, handhelds, etc.)
  • $25,000 Search and Rescue expense
  • $25,000 Runway Foaming and Emergency expense
  • $25,000 Damage to Hangars and Contents expense

The SAFE insurance program is made available to members through Aviation Insurance Resources and Starr Aviation Solutions and is underwritten by Chubb Insurance.

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