Effective December 16, 2010

  • The Wright Brothers Master Pilot award link and the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award link have both been moved from an almost hidden menu item to the drop down menus under the Pilot’s tab or the Maintenance Hangar tab, as appropriate, on the home page. Now they are easy to find!
  • The Activity History link for users has been moved from the Pilot’s tab to the Courses, Seminars & Activities tab, a more intuitive location.
  • The appearance of the My WINGS page has been modified (after input from users) to be more clear. Information and links are now easier to find.
  • The Airman Profile has been renamed WINGS and/or AMT Profile. This makes it clearer that users should only check those items they plan to utilize in the WINGS and/or AMT programs, and not list all the certificates and ratings they hold.
  • On the Recent Validator’s List, when a user is requesting validation of a request for WINGS credit, there is now an option to view all validators ever used or just those used within the last 60 days.
  • We discovered a weakness in the WINGS system that allowed users to get duplicate credit for some activities. We have adjusted those accounts with duplicate credit and provided safeguards to ensure it does not happen in the future.
  • There were a few instances where credits expired exactly 365 days after being earned. We have corrected that to match the FAA-standard expiration at the end of a calendar month.
  • We have installed a new software package that will allow us to analyze in much greater detail the activity on FAASafety.gov, thereby helping us provide a better product to our users. You will notice some new page titles to help with this project.
  • We have made it more obvious that seaplane-rated pilots can earn a set of nice-looking Sea Wings pins.
  • On the FAASTeam Representative’s portal on the Home page, there is now a link for distinctive FAASTeam Representative clothing.
  • We’ve changed the Subject line in emails to make them more easily recognized and understood. This will help users see at a glance the subject matter of the email. This was requested by a user.
  • If a user cannot print a completion certificate for a course, check the My Courses page to see if there is a duplicate entry for the same course – one completed within the last 90 days and one not completed. If so, withdraw from the one that is not completed and that should fix the problem.
  • There is a new graphic on the AMT information page that ties in with the graphic on the www.faa.gov home page.
  • A problem discovered by a user allowed users to complete a third party online course and not be “enrolled” on FAASafety.gov. In this case, the credit was never attached to the user’s account. This problem has been fixed, but only if the user already has an account on FAASafety.gov.

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