Industry Stakeholders to Meet in Atlanta on May 4-5, 2011

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) reports steady progress toward the GA Pilot Training Reform Symposium it will chair, including the hiring of a professional event planner. Building on the AOPA Flight Training Summit held last November, the symposium will focus on training reform as a cornerstone for reducing fatal accidents, increasing student pilot starts, and improving student retention.

Participation in the symposium is by invitation from SAFE as well as by request from stakeholders in the pilot training process. At least 150 top aviation professionals are expected to convene at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, GA on May 4-5, 2011. According to Symposium Committee Chair, Bob Wright, “We could expand to accommodate up to 300 attendees if demand dictates.”

In addition to finalizing keynote speakers, SAFE is assembling as many as 24 distinguished individuals drawn from industry, academia, the flight instructor community, and FAA who will be divided among six moderated panels. The panelists will propose necessary changes to training doctrine, standards, and curricula, as well as flight instructor training, testing, and accreditation that will ensure a robust future for general aviation.

Breakout groups, charged with further analyzing the issues raised and crafting additional recommendations, will convene on day two of the event. Summary reports from the breakout sessions will be presented to a special Industry Leadership Panel. Critical recommendations will be forwarded to specific organizations, including the FAA, for further action against an established timeline. A more detailed report will be transmitted to interested parties and posted on the symposium website 60 days after the event.

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