ASA Makes PDFs of Its Syllabi Available for Free

The Pilot Training Reform Symposium chaired by the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) has produced the first tangible dividend. Responding to a recommendation proposed by the Aviation Educators breakout group, Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA) announced that it is now offering the PDF versions of its syllabi for download from ASA’s website at no charge. The PDFs include two Private Pilot syllabi and one syllabus each for Instrument, Commercial, and Helicopter.

The specific recommendation to which ASA responded “addresses a specific problem…of instructors teaching using the seat of their pants without the use of a syllabus or plan of action.” The recommendation also challenged industry to provide “standardized curriculum templates that instructors (14 CFR 61 as well as 141) can use.” According to symposium chair Bob Wright, “We are delighted that ASA and others have taken the symposium’s message to heart and are responding with prompt action.”

Information generated since the symposium is posted to the training reform website as it becomes available, and a significant portion of the proceedings will soon be available for viewing through the Aero-News Network’s Aero-TV.

Direct link to free ASA Syllabi:—PDF-C413_category.aspx

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