Responses from Key Stakeholders were Substantive, Positive

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) has published a progress report based on comments received from key industry and FAA stakeholders to the six proposed projects distilled from the Pilot Training Reform Symposium held earlier this year. The ten-page update summarizes the responses received from stakeholders and SAFE’s analysis of those responses, and identifies additional concerns and recommendations.

According to the progress report, “SAFE is encouraged by the comments received [and] the related training reforms that are currently underway.” AOPA, Aviation Supplies & Academics, Cessna Aircraft, CFI Professional Accreditation Committee, Cirrus Aircraft, Diamond Aircraft, EAA, FAA, FAA Safety Team, Flight School Association of North America, GAMA, Gleim Publications, King Schools, MCFI Jeanne MacPherson, and Sporty’s Academy all provided responses to SAFE.

The report goes on to commend AOPA for instituting its Flight Training Student Retention Initiative; the GA Joint Steering Committee for implementing the Safety Analysis Team; the FAA for initiating the knowledge test Aviation Rulemaking Committee; and representatives from AOPA, Cessna, Master Instructors LLC, and the University Aviation Association for forming the CFI Professional Accreditation Committee.

However, the SAFE report also warns that the long-term success of training reform depends on defined benchmarks, greater collaboration, and grassroots implementation. Engaged stakeholders are encouraged to press on with their initiatives. Stakeholders who have thus far chosen not to participate in the reform process are urged to commit to this effort in a meaningful way.

SAFE plans to issue another progress report in 2012.

Download the progress report

FMI: www.PilotTrainingReform.orgwww.SafePilots.org

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