SAFE, Redbird Make Training Scenarios Accessible to All Redbird Operators

In cooperation with Redbird Flight Simulations, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) recently made its Pilot Proficiency Project™ simulator training scenarios available for download through the SAFE website. The same simulator training scenarios co-developed by SAFE instructors and the Redbird team that were employed during this year’s EAA AirVenture and AOPA Summit are now available to all operators of Redbird simulators.

According to SAFE Executive Director Doug Stewart, “Given the success of the simulator portion of the Pilot Proficiency Project™, the time had come to share these challenging training scenarios with those who provide training in Redbird sims across the country.” Each of the ten simulator scenarios can be downloaded to Redbird pilot keys for the three most popular configurations of the Cessna 172. Other Redbird configurations can also be made available upon request.

Operators must have the latest Redbird software installed in order to properly run these training scenarios. In addition to the software, documentation with recommended teaching points is also available at

Redbird currently has a network of more than 300 simulators working in flight schools. SAFE’s Pilot Proficiency Project™ provides forums and simulator training sessions that address key safety of flight issues. Founded in 2009, SAFE represents nearly 700 of the industry’s top aviation educators, including the majority of Master Instructors as well as numerous local, regional, and national General Aviation Awards winners.

Access to the Redbird sim scenarios as well as other free materials (syllabi, training aids, etc.) is provided on SAFE’s Public Resource Center webpage.


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