AIR & SPACE MAGAZINEAir & Space Magazine, the premier aviation and astronautics publication of the Smithsonian Institution, is now available to Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) members for just $14 per year, a savings of 66 percent off the newsstand cost.  It joins more than 20 other free or discounted products, services and publications that are already membership benefits for SAFE members.

Since its debut in 1986, Air & Space Magazine has become known for compelling articles by top-flight aviation authors, including regular articles about world-class aviation collections at the National Air and Space Museum and the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport.

“Who is more curious about things that fly or have flown than aviation educators?” asked Donna Wilt, SAFE Chair.  “In the October issue is an article on the airplanes of James Bond, a piece on how NASA researches crashworthiness with simulated midair collisions, and a photo gallery with breathtaking photos showing the complex choreography of carrier landings.”

A Smithsonian Air and Space Museum spokesperson said, “Air & Space seeks to surprise its audience with a wealth of detail about aviation and spaceflight, with stories that range from the German airmen whose unlucky task it was to crew World War I zeppelins to the design of NASA’s next lunar lander.”

“Air & Space magazine matches the grand scope of the world-class National Air and Space Museum.”

SAFE members may take advantage of the special Air & Space Magazine rate by signing in to the SAFE web site at and selecting “Benefits & Promo Codes For Members” under the Members Only tab.  Air & Space Magazine joins the long list of other SAFE benefits, including merchandise from ASA Products, Bose Headsets, Brightline Bags, Lightspeed Headsets, QRef Checklists, Sporty’s Pilot Shop and more.  In some cases, savings on a benefit more than pays for the $45 SAFE membership fee.

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Active Learning; Rewire Your Brain!
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