flightsafetysimsProfessional part 121 (airline) and 135 (charter) pilots are required to train and pass a flight check every 6 months to retain their flight privileges. This usually is accomplished in full motion simulators at a professional training center like Flight Safety. This is an intense, high-stakes experience for every pilot and covers all normal and emergency operations critical to flight safety. Several short, but intense, sessions cover normal operations which morph into emergency descents and depressurization; it can be a long, challenging day in the box.

digitaldebriefThe most useful part of this fully immersive experience (at least for me) is the digital debrief that follows every sim session. This immediate playback composites full GPS map track, cockpit video and control activation in one program that can be analyzed in detail after each flight. The playback provides the opportunity to sit down calmly after each sim session to both understand and correct issues that occurred during the session. This replay also provides an absolutely complete and honest reliving of the experience; an opportunity to see your strengths and weaknesses for future improvement and safety. Digital debrief is a flight training force multiplier!

Historically this level of technological magic was only available at the big sim centers like Flight Safety due to complexity and expense. Now, thanks to CloudAhoy, every General Aviation CFI and flight school can access this amazing set of digital tools. The very newest version of Cloud Ahoy, with many new features, is being released Monday, February 13th (with a significant savings for all SAFE members).


Give this amazing program a try (free test flight!) and discover the value of calmly debriefing after each flight experience. This complete replay, in a nonthreatening environment, creates a much better understanding and easily doubles the efficiency of every flight lesson. In addition to analyzing and teaching during playback, you will discover Cloud Ahoy also motivates and inspires students by validating their improvement. For DPEs and during stage checks, CloudAhoy can provide a verifiable digital record of exact performance for future records.

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About the author 

David St. George (Lifetime Member)

David St. George learned to fly at Flanders Valley Airport in 1970. Proving that everyone is eventually trainable, he became an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor for airplanes (single and multi, instrument, and glider) and serves the Rochester FSDO as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. In this capacity, he gives flight tests at any level from sport pilot to ATP and CFI. For 25 years David was East Hill Flying Club's 141 Chief Instructor and manager. David holds multi and single engine ATP pilot certificates, with pilot ratings for glider and seaplane and several jet type ratings. He recently earned his 13th renewal as a Master Instructor and owns an Aeronca Champ so he can build hours for that airline job!

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