Leidos operates what used to be the FAA Flight Service and the web browser interface for weather is quite good. When you log in with your customized preferences (http://1800wxbrief.com) your own format in exactly the predictible order you specify.

  The new mobile format is also quite good and though not yet an app, you can save the url to your desktop and have it immediately available as a mobile browser session. But one of the best new innovations to roll out from Leidos is the text weather. This is quick and needs no software and very little bandwidth  to load (one bar works usually)

Just text message your request to 358-782 (FLT-SVC) and the result pops right back in. No digging through menus or interfaces. Leidos also allows you to open and close VFR flight plans with text (and will send a reminder at your proposed/predicted times if you forget). This is an innovative way to inspire pilots to be safer.

Apple or Android versions.

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David St. George (Lifetime Member)

David St. George learned to fly at Flanders Valley Airport in 1970. Proving that everyone is eventually trainable, he became an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor for airplanes (single and multi, instrument, and glider) and serves the Rochester FSDO as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. In this capacity, he gives flight tests at any level from sport pilot to ATP and CFI. For 25 years David was East Hill Flying Club's 141 Chief Instructor and manager. David holds multi and single engine ATP pilot certificates, with pilot ratings for glider and seaplane and several jet type ratings. He recently earned his 13th renewal as a Master Instructor and owns an Aeronca Champ so he can build hours for that airline job! http://learnturbine.com

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SAFE at #OSH22!

SAFE at #OSH22!
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