From all of us at SAFE, our heartfelt wishes for a very warm and blessed holiday season for our readers, members, and supporters. Hopefully, you find yourself among family and friends, enjoying some time away from the usual demands of life. And every year’s end is also a time to reflect and reformulate our plans for life and activities. Please plan and pursue a safe year in your flying. Reflect after every flight on what went right and wrong (and what might have been “lucky”). Resolve to achieve greater skill and knowledge and avoid those edgy situations; that is what we are here for.  We all want to fly safer and be around for many more holidays!

SAFE has had several amazing years of growth for which we are very grateful. This has allowed the creation and expansion of our SAFE CFI-PRO™ program which had its highly successful roll out in October with 40 attendees taught by five FAA National Award Winners. Our next workshop is at Sporty’s Pilot Shop June 10/11th. SAFE will be at all the AOPA Regional Fly-Ins and I hope to meet you all there (please get in touch to join the team and volunteer?).

We have a New York City Meet-Up on January 13th at Pilot Proficiency International with Dan Weiss (a SWA check airman). I just visited Danny at his facility and it is beautiful. We will be sharing dinner and trying out the Redbird with some new SAFE Envelope Extension Scenarios. This is in collaboration with the NYC Master Instructor group and everyone is invited (RSVP David Dempsey). We will again be sponsoring the Syracuse Safety Stand Down on Feb. 29th (KSYR), a day-long series of safety seminars.

SAFE will also be at Sun ‘N Fun broadcasting live on FaceBook and YouTube with a variety of guests (sponsored by Gold Seal  Ground School)  We also will be hosting a “CFI-PRO Breakfast Roundtable” every morning from 8-9. Join us and be part of the SAFE team. Bring your ideas and grow our safety initiative. Fly often (and safely) Have a great holiday!

Join SAFE to support our safety mission of generating aviation excellence in teaching and flying. Our amazing member benefits pay back your contribution (1/3 off your ForeFlight subscription)! Our FREE SAFE Toolkit App puts required pilot endorsements and experience requirements right on your smartphone and facilitates CFI+DPE teamwork. Our CFI insurance was developed by SAFE specifically for CFIs (and is the best value in the business).

About the author 

David St. George (Lifetime Member)

David St. George learned to fly at Flanders Valley Airport in 1970. Proving that everyone is eventually trainable, he became an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor for airplanes (single and multi, instrument, and glider) and serves the Rochester FSDO as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. In this capacity, he gives flight tests at any level from sport pilot to ATP and CFI. For 25 years David was East Hill Flying Club's 141 Chief Instructor and manager. David holds multi and single engine ATP pilot certificates, with pilot ratings for glider and seaplane and several jet type ratings. He recently earned his 13th renewal as a Master Instructor and owns an Aeronca Champ so he can build hours for that airline job!

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