SAFE2018AnnualMeetingDavid St. George, Executive Director

David St. George was appointed Executive Director by the SAFE board of directors at the Oshkosh annual board meeting on August 25th, 2018. David is a charter SAFE member and served SAFE for three years as board chairperson.


David learned to fly in 1970 with the Piper “Blue Skies” program at Flanders Valley Airport (now long gone). After earning all his ratings and running his own printing business, he managing a 141 flight school for 25 years in Upstate NY (how else do you accumulate 8K hours of dual in a C-152 and 46K landings?). Part of this involved creating an affiliated 2-year college aviation program. This flight school won the first ever AOPA Flight Training Excellence Award.

David-OSH2017-TrimDavid was the 141 Chief Instructor for many years and still serves the FAA as a Designated Pilot Examiner  (Over 20 years). He is a graduate of Eisenhower College (also long gone) with a recent Masters Degree in psychology from Penn. In addition to examining and teaching, David flies charter in several different Citations, but the real fun is flying his 1946 7AC Aeronca Champ. So far he has accumulated over 16K hours and >3,800 FAA flight evaluations (with >12K dual instruction given). He is a charter member of SAFE and one of the first Master Instructors, having renewed that designation 10 times. David created the popular SAFE CFI Toolkit app used by over active 3,000 aviation educators. Try this comprehensive app for FREE.