Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 9.42.50 AMAmazon donates 0.5% of all sales to a charity of your choice. I know this sounds minuscule but it actually adds up to “real money” and it costs *you* nothing! Please log into your Amazon account and on the pull down menu under “Your Account” add “Society of Aviation and Flight Educators” as your “charity.” This simple gesture can mean thousands of dollars for SAFE!

The economics of incrementalism is shocking. This is money that would otherwise not be used or available and could potentially fund another educational scholarship or help us defray the expense of sending people to Washington, DC to work with the FAA on important changes in policy to create safer pilots!


AmazonSmileSAFE3Here are the simple steps to make this magic happen: Log in to (chances are you are already automatically logged in) Enter in your web browser and it will probably have your name upper right?

Once you are logged in,  just hover over “Your Account” and click here…the pull down should take you to “Your Amazon Smile” If you click here, you simply add our full name “Society of Aviation and Flight Educators” as your charity of choice. It is that quick and simple. SAFE will now will get 0.5% every time you purchase something from Amazon.

One last important point; to donate you need to also access your Amazon Smile account through  (This insures your donation will go to SAFE) Thanks so much for supporting SAFE and promoting aviation safety (while shopping)! You should receive an e-mail announcing your success…and SAFE should show up as your charity.