In this section you will find a link directly to the Air Safety Institute web site.  You will also find on this page a “mini-library” of selected training materials from the Air Safety Institute that are deemed to be particularly relevant for member use.  They are filed within general topic headings and then by title to make location of relevant materials easier for the user to locate.  We appreciate the assistance of Air Safety Institute in presenting this useful approach to link directly to their training materials for SAFE members.  If you find other training materials from the Air Safety Institute site not represented here that you feel would be of value in this archived section, feel free to make suggestions to (

You will need a login to the ASI site.  If you are an AOPA member, use your member login, otherwise you can sign up for a free login to the ASI site.

[Note: You will be leaving the SAFE site to reach the materials on this page, and those links are provided for your convenience.  Neither SAFE, nor any of its representatives, sponsors, or members, will be responsible for the materials contained on other websites, though a cursory check has been conducted and it has been determined that the information available through those sites may be beneficial to SAFE members.]

Air Safety Institute (a Division of the AOPA Foundation)

Topic Headings

  • Aeromedical
  • Performance
  • Professionalism
  • Risk Assessment
  • Syllabi