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In yet another sign of a golden era for flight instructors, two Utah universities are spending big bucks attempting to satisfy the demand for primary flight instruction.
“This is a very exciting time; airplane pilot demand is insatiable,” said Mike Mower, executive director of Southern Utah University’s (SUU) aviation program in a July article in the Salt Lake City Tribune.  The school, located in Cedar City, spent about $3.8 million so far this year buying 10 new Cirrus airplanes.
Utah State University (USU), in the city of Logan, last year purchased an additional four “gently used” aircraft rather than a fleet of new aircraft, spending $806,000 to cope with the expected influx of some 400 aviation students.  The addition brings their fleet to 19 aircraft, said Andreas Wesemann, the pilot program director.

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He added that a special “Fit To Fly” guide to the ins and outs of the new BasicMed is also invaluable, since most pilots are not entirely clear on the benefits and limitations of the new medical certificate.  Many CFIs have not yet heard that inflight instruction may be done with the so-called driver’s license medical, and that aviation insurance companies are widely expected to accept a driver’s license medical as proof of fitness to fly.
Podcasts answering specific questions about the new medical certification rules are available at any time from the AOPA Medical Resources page, with the most current one at press time giving tips for correctly filling out the required online FAA Airman medical application.
“If you’re ready to take on a returning airman and bring him or her back to currency, you owe it to them to be up on the subjects they’re most likely to have forgotten or be confused about,” said Murphy.  “Back when I started flying, many pilots in rural areas scoffed at the idea of using the radio in the pattern to announce their position, insisting that eyeballs beat talking.  Now, of course, it’s the essence of good practice.”
“And whenever you teach returning pilots, tell them NOT to use the phrase “any traffic please advise.”
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