Thank-you for getting on board with this important safety initiative! Once you go through the process of granting FAA Wings a few times it is much easier. What a wonderful gift for a successful pilot to assure future success and safety. FAA Wings is a continuous educational process utilizing objective FAA criteria. Pilots enrolled int he Wings program are statistically safer!

  • Any level of Wings granted also “counts” as a Flight Review for the pilot! Pilots get insurance discounts, and CFI gets less liability!

  • Remember, there is no mandatory time for each fight syllabus (it does not have to be an hour each!)

If you can accomplish all the maneuvers to the FAA standards of three separate syllabi in only an hour, they all can be entered as “complete” and a pilot can earn their Wings.

To participate in FAA Safety (Wings), both you and the pilot you are working with need to be enrolled in the program. This is done on the FAA Wings page. The home page has this function in the upper right-had corner. You must use the *same* e-mail everytime on the FAA website to be recognized:

Once this is done, log out and back in to assure the data was saved correctly.  Then grant immediate credit, go to the “Instructor Portal” on the first dashboard page and click “give immediate Wings flight credit.”

Add the e-mail your applicant uses (or just added) on the FAA Wings website and click “search”.
This should populate with your successful pilot. Once you see the correct person, click “next.”

Now you will be at the field to find the activity (certificate or rating) you just tested. Uncheck the “common activities” box to open the filter (so you see all the possible credit activities) and click “search.”
Scroll down through the amazing variety of courses and find the correct endorsement or course you completed and select it on the left (click “select”) to give credit. The hyperlink will show specifics if you are not sure.

OK last step! Here you add the date, and either take the credit for the flight or not (your choice since you did the test but not the training…either works) then hit the “give credit” button.

This should result in a final page with a red banner announcing the credit you have certified. Your new pilot (or rating) now has a set of FAA Wings and is enrolled in recurrent training so you can sleep more soundly at night! Again, thanks for embracing this essential safety initiative. More pilots involved in FAA Wings and pursuing safety is a win for everyone!

Thanks for keeping another pilot safe through recurrent training and utilizing the FAA Wings system!