A Unique Membership Drive

March 1 – July 5, 2010


Are you looking for a simple way to contribute to SAFE?
Reach out, recruit new members and help SAFE grow in 2010!

Welcome to SAFE’s 2010 membership drive campaign. We’re calling this our Member Get-a-Member Plan (The GaMe Plan™) because we’re relying on you, the SAFE membership itself, to reach out and recruit new members in your local areas.

The Challenge: 500 NEW SAFE members by AirVenture

Reward Yourself:

  • Receive a $2.00 Credit toward your next SAFE renewal for every new member you enlist.
  • Be acknowledged on the SAFE website & entered in a Random Drawing
  • Be one of our top three recruiters and you will win one of the following Grand Prizes (complete prize details and eligibility requirements)

1st Place: Zulu ANR Headset sponsored by Lightspeed Aviation

2nd Place: Garmin Nuvi 765T Car GPS sponsored by Avionics Specialists LLC

3rd Place: The Ultimate FIRC Package sponsored by Aviation Supplies & Academics, Rich Stowell, & Max Trescott

How to recruit new members: Download the complete GaMe Plan™ Recruiter’s Package. This will give you everything you need to help you help SAFE achieve the ambitious goal of 500 new members. Included in the Recruiter’s Package:

  • GaMe Plan™ Grand Prizes and Eligibility Requirements
  • Top Five Reasons to Join SAFE
  • 2009 Year in Review
  • Testimonials – Why I Joined SAFE
  • Tips for Recruiting New SAFE Members
  • E-mail Template
  • How to Fill Out Your Name for Credit
  • Blank SAFE Membership Application Form
  • Recruiter’s Checklist
  • Blank Recruiter Log Sheet

Or simply download the SAFE Membership Application Form and hand it out  to prospective new members. Be sure to write your name and your member number on the “Referred by” line to ensure you receive proper credit! You might consider walking your recruits through the membership process through the SAFE Store instead. It’s easy, direct, and secure! Just be sure to include your name and SAFE number in the “referred by” fields during checkout.

Other individual downloads that may be of interest:

Limited time only: The GaMe Plan™ ends on July 5th, 2010

We want you to succeed in your recruiting efforts, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know! We have set up a simple Contact Form you can use to touch base with the Membership Growth Committee.

This can be a wonderful win-win opportunity for everyone.
But time is short, don’t wait; download your recruiting materials
and start recruiting new members today!