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ATC-ZeroSAFEblog: ATC ZERO! Are You Ready?

With 11 ATC facilities closed (most subsequently reopened) and such low airline ridership, it seems like domestic air travel might cease this week. All pilots should be familiar with non-tower/non-radar procedures: Read the SAFEblog  Here is a current Google Map of ATC facility issues HERE


April20FlyingMagJoin us for SAFE CFI-PRO™ at Sporty’s Pilot Shop June 10/11th. Enjoy two full days of presentations and networking. Your $375 entrance also includes your two lunches and a networking dinner at Sporty’s. Learn from the best educators in the aviation business: Rich Stowell, Doug Stewart, Hobie Tomlinson (all FAA National Instructors of the Year) and also: Tom Turner, Eric Hake, John Dorcey and David St. George.

If you have been a CFI for years, enjoy new ideas and techniques. Eric Hake (ForeFlight “Employee #1”) will be presenting “Keeping Up With Technology.” If you are still working on your CFI we have plenty for you with John Dorcey presenting on “Preparing for Initial CFI” and four DPEs at the workshop.

More information is continually being added to the dedicated home page here. There are discounted hotels nearby (with a happy hour) and transportation. Cincinnati has good air service (or fly into I69). Our last group was very generous with their praise for our program.

live safety-oriented aviation seminar with fresh, level-appropriate knowledge for CFIs… Excellent!

Excellent opportunity to discuss subjects in flight training with flight instructors from across the country

“…this is a great event that really helps increase your tools for teaching


 SAFE CFI-PRO™ held in Miami @Wayman Academy

Our SAFE mission is reaching and improving aviation educators. Young CFIs at larger academies and colleges are one important target audience for improvement. Thanks to Wayman Aviation Academy for providing this opportunity to present in Miami. Our full two-day workshop is next offered at Sporty’s June 10/11th


Every FAA aviation educator carries two pieces of plastic in their pocket. One certificate permits piloting. The other certificate enables the aviation educator to share their wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, many CFIs do not appreciate that the demands and skills required for each of these different certificates are unique and sometimes contradictory.  More on the SAFE Blog The next public SAFE CFI-PRO™ (two days) is offered at Sporty’s June 10/11th

FAA certification for any certificate or rating guarantees *only* the minimum standards (pass/fail)! Proficiency and excellence are up to the applicant (but inspired and taught by the CFI).

SAFE advocates for and enables excellence in aviation. CFI-PRO (good to great) is our newest initiative to promote our core mission of building aviation educator excellence!

Resources [here SAFE CFI-PRO™


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