“SAFE’s members … are highly accomplished people with a lot of valuable experience to transfer.”
– Former FAA Administrator Babbitt

Reason #1: SAFE is a Member-Centric Organization

  • Members democratically elect 100% of the Board of Directors
  • All Directors are held accountable to the membership
  • Members have a say in governance and other activities
  • Member recognition for outstanding contributions to the organization
  • No other comparable organization comes close to this open governance model!

Reason #2: Our Exclusive Member Benefits

  • Discounts available from more than two dozen corporate partners
    • Print (and digital) subscription to Flying magazine (only $15/yr full members)
  • Comprehensive CFI Liability Insurance Program – top tier insurance just for SAFE members
  • Needs-based Mentoring Program – provide or receive mentoring
  • Members-Only Resource Center – browse or contribute to a unique repository of information by and for members (view the the index of material in the Member-Contributed section)
  • Breakfasts, dinners, and other special activities for members and special guests
  • The only organization of its kind currently offering such an array of member benefits!

Reason #3: The Ability to Promote Yourself through the SAFE Website

  • Your listing included in our online Find a SAFE Member database
  • Your profile included in SAFE’s directory of Member Profiles
  • Your events and news considered for posting in the “Calendar of Events” and “News” areas
  • Increase your credibility/visibility as an expert by contributing to our online Resource Centers
  • Interact with other members across the spectrum of aviation topics in the SAFE Forums
  • The only organization of its kind to provide so many other ways to promote yourself!

Reason #4: Support, Promotion, and Defense of Members’ Interests

Reason #5: Aviation Educators Worldwide are Welcome at SAFE

  • Open to anyone involved, or even interested in, aviation education on any level
  • Recognition that “aviation education” is far broader than just flight instruction
  • The only organization of its kind where different aviation education disciplines can interact and coordinate their efforts!


Here are responses from a few of our members to the all-important question: Why did you join SAFE?

  • Because I believe that we need an aviation education organization that is committed to focusing its energy on improving the skills of the members and the competence and confidence of the people we train. – M. Phillips, CA
  • Networking … I’m developing an aviation career strand program for my school district.
    M. Felske, MI
  • To belong to an organization whose interest is to promote the education of aviators.
    D. Kaye, CA
  • To be among the movers and shakers in aviation education … those who freely give back to aviation to improve piloting skills and aviation safety … those who realize that the long-term success of students, and thus of aviation as a whole, begins with instructors. – R. Stowell, CA
  • I feel it’s important for flight instructors to unite under a member-centered organization to promote safety and professionalism in our industry. When I saw the dedicated professionals that were involved in SAFE, I knew it was a good group to be involved in. – S. Vande Voorte, IA
  • To be part of an association that creates resources and support for instructors plus creates change and believes in professionalism. – M. Bassanesi, Italy
  • I am truly impressed by the efforts and accomplishments of SAFE…. The desire to be a member centric organization is the main draw. SAFE has earned the respect of many big names in aviation and that says a lot… – J. Runner, CA
  • I wanted to be part of an organization that represented me. – N. Zucker, FL
  • I believe SAFE is bringing a new level of professionalism and pride to being an aviation educator. – R. Hempel, TX
  • There’s always so much more to learn and do. – J. Painter, WA
  • I wanted to be part of an organization that respects my input and is responsive to my needs. SAFE has just been phenomenal in such a short time. It’s a privilege to be associated with this distinguished group of flight educators. – M. Davis, MN
  • I joined SAFE because I am committed to becoming the best flight educator that I can be. I want to be a true educator not just an instructor. I also want to surround myself with respected educators whose actions inspire me to become a better teacher. – J. Shorey, TX