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“Unlike other aviation programs, this one will be tightly focused on how flight instructors can improve their professionalism,” said Kevin D Murphy, SAFE Communications. “Rod Machado will be showing some of the tools he’s found most valuable tools over the years, and Greg Brown, who wrote The Savvy CFI, will be giving insights behind the writing of his book.”
“We’d love a groundswell of registrations and participation,” said St. George, who is also the current SAFE Chair. “Please click her to register through the button at the bottom of the SPANS notice.”

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The primary reason SAFE offers these grants to classroom teachers is so more children can be exposed to aviation both as a career possibility and as a future hobby.  The grant is designed to help fund a classroom lesson or larger project with an aviation or aerospace theme. Past grant recipients have used the $250 grant to buy materials to build a balsa wood glider or a model rocket so each student in the class can learn firsthand about the four fundamentals of flight.  The grant money can also be used to pay for bus transportation to take students to visit a nearby aviation museum or go on a field trip to the local airport. [click for application]
SAFE encourages members to help advertise this grant program by telling their local K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) teachers about this opportunity that is open to any credentialed teacher in a public, private, or charter school.  District STEM coordinators and homeschooling cooperatives may also apply for a grant. [click for application]

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In last week’s Paris Air Show announcement, CAE said the bulk of new pilots (175,000) will be needed in the Americas and in the Asia-Pacific region. Another 80,000 are expected to be hired in Europe and the middle East. The announcement noted that any forecast is subject to changing conditions, such as major shifts in world affairs, new rulemaking on mandatory pilot retirement age, global pandemics or the development of pilotless air carrier aircraft.
Since its inception, SAFE has been building a vast resource area for professional CFIs, separated into public information and more valuable resources for SAFE members only. Both are currently available on the organization’s old website, however they’re expected to be transferred to SAFE’s new website by mid-to-late summer. The new site will have the same URL.

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According to the Leidos Flight Service team, which developed the service, the electronic activation and closure frees up inflight FSS frequencies and helps reduce wait times for contacts that really need the expertise of a Flight Service specialist.
The same company had previously introduced an Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS) that monitors your flight plan continuously after you’ve filed and sends you a text message or email if a new or modified adverse condition is detected. ACAS is free and registration is also accessed at the top of the pilot dashboard.

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A special FAA waiver allows Ameriflight pilots to operate as captains after 1,000 flight hours, with certain restrictions and increased oversight.

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