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“Last year, the FAA received one report of cracks found, but a follow-up investigation revealed more than four dozen similar cracks found by operators of Cessna 100 and 200 series airplanes around the nation,” said SAFE Chair David St. George. “We’re especially concerned since these model airplanes are heavily used in flight training.”
Comments to the doorpost cracks NPRM are due no later than Monday, March 19 and may be submitted by locating Docket No. FAA-2017-0049-0001 on the web site.

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The three advanced their own views on the subject, which admit to the possibility that a return to the runway CAN be made, depending on circumstances. “What makes it controversial is that we talk about it and show that it can be done,” said Machado. “Some folks would prefer that we never talk about it, never mention it, just follow the official FAA guidance that you land straight ahead.” He emphasized that the straight-ahead landing after power failure probably is the right thing to do in 95% or more of cases.
Gold Seal Aviation has archived The Improbable Turn as well as previous SAFE broadcasts on YouTube, making them available any time.
Instructors who had preregistered for the program on the FAA’s safety website were eligible for both Master Wings ground credit and a door prize of a Zulu 3 noise-cancelling headset from Lightspeed. Aviation, a strong SAFE supporter company.

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Dennstaedt has logged more than 3,500 hours of flight time throughout the United States. “Scott is a true professional aviation educator,” said Kevin D Murphy, SAFE Director of Communications. “SAFE is delighted to have his company join the organization as a supporter.”
To receive the additional discount, members may log into the SAFE benefits area. If experiencing difficulty, see the directions for logging into the SAFE benefits area.

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