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SAFE at Sun and Fun 2023!

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SAFE Sweepstakes 2023!

Win a Lightspeed 'Delta Zulu' Headset, Aerox O2 system, or Sporty's Radio at SAFE

The circle-to-land approach is a high-workload option to be used sparingly (and practiced to proficiency first). Here are some resources to mitigate the inherent risks. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI ...#SAFEpilots

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Safely Managing IFR Terminal Transition

The circle-to-land approach has numerous inherent risks. Here is advice from many sources, but knowledge, skill and judgment rule safety here;...

Staying sharp on short runways is its own reward staying sharp on short runways is its own reward. Achieve greater safety and precision in every landing. Ryan Motte of ...Aviation Safety Mag. shares some great ideas. #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots #SNF

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Short And Sweet - Aviation Safety

Short-field landings have been part of my flying right from the onset of private pilot training. My instructor had flown in the Alaska Bush, and was...

A pair of Boeing engineers have shattered the world record by flying their paper airplane 290 feet. Ruble and Jensen studied origami and aerodynamics for months, putting in 400 to 500 hours creating ...different prototypes and running them through computer simulations. Their persistence and hard work paid off! #flySAFE #CFIpro #MasterCFI #SAFEpilots #SnF23 #FlyHigh

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Engineers set new paper airplane world record

A group of engineers flew a paper airplane 290 feet for a new world record.#paperairplane #worldrecord Check out more Eyewitness News -...

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It’s time for us – as instructors – to do the research and put some study time in so that we can do a better job of teaching the VFR chart. There is so much information provided if we just look closely and understand what that big - sometimes hard-to-handle - multi-colored piece of paper is telling us.

The Five Phases of Landings

"I have observed more landings than I’ll ever remember, but most that I do remember are remembered because they were examples of the fact that the pilot did not understand the five phases of landings."

Teaching Engine Out Glides

When student pilots begin to learn about emergency procedures, the concept of the engine-out glide is introduced. The CFI will usually discuss the procedures to be used when an engine failure has occurred.