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A new temporary CFI certificate only assures that a CFI is safe in the right seat! (not necessarily an “effective educator!”) Like all other FAA certificates, this is a “license to learn.” And some skills necessary to pass the FAA practical test actually make a new CFI a terrible instructor. “Micro-managing” the controls and radio are the most important bad habits a new CFI must overcome ASAP.

The critical idea to embrace is that
the new CFI cert. is NOT a pilot certificate! This new privilege makes you an “educator.” *Your learner* should be handling the controls and talking on the radio.

SAFE’s CFI-PRO™️ supplies the “Missing Manual” for new CFIs with lots of tips and techniques from years of experience. Our FREE SAFE Toolkit App is a great place to sample these tools.

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Congratulations Bill Ziesenitz (SAFE lifetime member and >40 years DPE) earning his Multi-Engine Commercial Seaplane rating👍 An amazing example of “lifetime learning” Bill recently retired ...from NetJets. He finished building his RV-10 (15 years), and is exploring Texas👍 #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Go “big picture!” Get beyond the METAR and the (terrestrial) “umbrella weather; Pilots “live in the sky,” and your safety depends on understanding larger forces ...and trends aloft. #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Sorry, but most pilots have a terribly inadequate grasp of weather at the synoptic level. Most can read a METAR, might understand a TAF, but never dig deep enough into ...trends and causes: “Blue Sky Pilots!” This has huge implications for future safety: this is “where we live” as pilots😳 #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Instead of *imposing* arbitrary limitations for solo, use a more collaborative approach. Involving your learner in creating their limitations builds an understanding of ...“personal minimums!” #SAFEtoolkit #CFIpro #flySAFE #MasterCFI #FAA #SAFEpilots

Latest Member Courses

It’s time for us – as instructors – to do the research and put some study time in so that we can do a better job of teaching the VFR chart. There is so much information provided if we just look closely and understand what that big - sometimes hard-to-handle - multi-colored piece of paper is telling us.

The Five Phases of Landings

"I have observed more landings than I’ll ever remember, but most that I do remember are remembered because they were examples of the fact that the pilot did not understand the five phases of landings."

Teaching Engine Out Glides

When student pilots begin to learn about emergency procedures, the concept of the engine-out glide is introduced. The CFI will usually discuss the procedures to be used when an engine failure has occurred.