When seeking information about a SAFE member, please look in both lists below. This is necessary because member profiles were entered under two different membership management systems, and the listings cannot be integrated.

If you are a SAFE member who’s profile exists under the “old system profiles” below, these profiles are not editable. We encourage you to go to the homepage, login to the SAFE website, click on Manage Your Account in the yellow box on the right, then on the next screen select Submit SAFE Profile (upper-left), and recreate your profile. When finished, check the box to accept the Terms, and then click Submit. Your profile will automatically be included in the “new system profiles” section. In order to Edit a new system profile, follow the same procedure as above. Your profile will come up with all the fields filled in. Change whatever you want, check the Terms box, and then click the Resubmit box. Old system profiles will be removed every so often when we see that you have created a new profile. In the new system, member profiles are no longer subject to a review and release process; they are made available on the website immediately after submission. However, SAFE reserves the right to remove any profile it believes contains inappropriate or objectionable material.

New System Profiles Old System Profiles