(Effective Date –8-16-12) 

The following list represents some link selections from the NTSB website that were felt to be of special benefit to General Aviation educators and pilots.  As additional and future links are determined (by NTSB and/orSAFE), those will be added to this page – and the “effective date” of the page will be changed.  If the desired link does not respond directly, you may either use “control and click” to go to the link or you may copy and paste the link into your browser.

SAFEacknowledges and thanks the NTSB for their assistance and cooperation in this process of making it easier for aviation educators and pilots to find resources on the NTSB website.

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Other information is available on the NTSB site and you are welcome to search for desired items and information.  If you find a link that you feel is of significant value to aviation educators and/or pilots, please feel free to pass that along to the SAFEResourceCenterEditorial Review Committee at erc@safepilots.org.