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Flight Instructor Open Forum — Purpose and Targeted Audience

The FAASTeam and the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) originally collaborated to offer this program to provide a venue for all individuals who train and evaluate pilots. That group primarily consisted of, but was not limited to Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI), Ground Instructors (GI), Authorized Instructors, Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE), 14 CFR Part 141 evaluators, and aspiring CFI candidates. As the program has grown and expanded, the FAASTeam has now given SAFE the additional authority to offer these presentations to the general aviation pilot community.

These Flight Instructor Open Forums create an opportunity for all aviation educators and evaluators to join forces in order to standardize and employ best practices during pilot training and evaluation. This goal can best be achieved as a “team” working together. This is an opportunity to regularly bring vast amounts of knowledge and experience together to be shared and improved.

The goal is to provide a positive influence and create a foundation upon which Forum attendees will want to build their own “Safety Culture,” which they will then share with their students and clients. The goal is NOT to teach these topics as one might to a primary student pilot, but rather to facilitate discussion on best practices for teaching the various forum topics. That being said, if you are presenting a topic to a general pilot audience, you will have to modify the way you conduct the presentation. Considering the fact that all presentations are in a “read only” format, you cannot change the actual Powerpoint presentation; thus, the modifications you make will be to your own oral presentation.

Keep in mind that the meeting is oriented to methods and techniques of teaching the forum’s topic. It is not designed to be a replacement for the Airplane Flying Handbook. It can be assumed that attendees are already familiar with the information (the exception being if you are presenting the topic to a GA pilot audience), and your desired goal is the open sharing of methods and scenarios used by other educators in the training of pilots. As the facilitator, you must encourage conversation, collaboration, questions, and answers during the Forum. You must also limit the length of discussion when appropriate to ensure that the Forum does not run on excessively.

As a presenter of these forums, you have a wonderful opportunity to effect significant changes to improve general aviation safety. Thank you for taking on the challenge!

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