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How to save 1/3 on your ForeFlight (a tutorial with screenshots)


Thank you for becoming a member of SAFE. You will immediately start receiving our monthly SAFE eNews newsletter, and (unless you opt out) you will be entered into the Find a SAFE Educator look-up table. That’s automatic.

The first thing you should do as a new member is record your Username and Password, presented below, in some safe place. The inside front or rear cover of your pilot logbook is a good choice. You will need this information to log into the SAFE website and access the Members Only section of the site to obtain your many member benefits, and to renew your membership when the time comes. You can change your password on the Manage Your Account page if you like, but the username assigned by the system is permanent.

Username: (Your LOGIN) and Password: (Your PASSWORD)

Next you should login to the SAFE website at You can print yourself a membership card and/or wall certificate by clicking on Manage Your Account. On the left side of the Manage Your Account webpage up near the top you will see download links for your membership card and wall certificate in pdf format. (Note that we stopped mailing out membership cards because it is expensive, and in a survey more than three-forths of our members responded that they did not care about receiving a card. Membership cards are not required to participate in SAFE functions.)

While you are in the Manage Your Account page please scroll down and check to see that the basic information about you is in there the way you want it. Change anything that is incorrect. While there, check the boxes that indicate your type of aviation educator and ratings, and type in any specialties or credentials you possess that are not covered by the check boxes. This information is displayed in the Find a SAFE Educator lookup table. When satisfied, be sure to click on Update Profile at the very bottom of the page before exiting.

Please visit the Members Only section of our website, click on Member Benefits, and scroll down to check out the 24 SAFE industry partners who provide substantial discounts on their merchandise to SAFE members. Our ever-expanding Educator Resource Center is also accessed through the Members Only section. If you are a newly minted aviation educator, or one who recognizes the value of experience in others, consider participating in the SAFE mentoring program. There is no charge for this service.

We are notifying Flying magazine to begin your subscription. Please allow up to 8 weeks for it to start. We also hope you will check out our CFI liability insurance program. (Note that these two benefits, Flying subscription and CFI insurance, are available only to Regular members or higher; not to Associate members.)

In order to promote yourself to the fullest extent on our website you should complete your detailed, personalized Member Profile (not to be confused with the basic name/address/certificates and ratings profile you already updated) by going to the SAFE homepage, login, click on Manage Your Account in the yellow box on the right, then on the next screen select Submit SAFE Profile (upper-left), and create your profile. This process takes some time, but it’s worth it. When finished, check the box to accept the Terms, and then click Submit. Your profile will automatically be posted under Learn About Members, Member Profiles Directory. Take a look there and see what others have posted about themselves.

Have any questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us at . You can also telephone our webmaster/administrator, Jenny Furst, at 901-687-5217.

Thanks again for joining SAFE!