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Any fan of action sports, whether it’s football or air racing, knows that the greatest moves and memorable moments are not in the huddle (reflective) but during time-critical (reflexive *1) action. These “snapshot moments” are automatically deployed (but previously trained) skills that occur in a few microseconds. The reflective, thoughtful mind is not even in

Ready to React? “Reflexive Skills!”

These are tough times for pilots in flight training with our inability to “social distance” safely in little planes while flying. For this reason, doctors advise against sharing the same “respiratory space” in a small plane with untested students and passengers. But solo flying seems to me to be available and encouraged (and therapeutic). Pilots

Go Fly (Solo!) and Join Us (LIVE online!)

Several recent ATC outages have caught pilots by surprise at busy locations. “ATC Zero!” (No ATC Services) puts a shiver into any pilot at a busy airport. This has recently occurred at Midway in Chicago, McCarran in Las Vegas, and also NY Center – the busiest airspace in the U.S. – leaving 270,000 square miles

Brief and Understand “ATC ZERO”!