Purpose: Provide SAFE member-flight instructors with the best protection available in the industry at competitive rates. All Air-Pro agents are pilots!

Eligibility: You must be a current SAFE member to get this insurance. (Associate-level members are excluded from participation in this particular program; membership status will be verified prior to binding)

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  • SAFE Insurance program is offered through Aviation Insurance Resources, available immediately on-line here!
    • 12-month policy period
    • Premium can be paid in full, or qualified enrollees can finance with 25% down plus (9) additional payments
    • Premium credits
      • Discount for current Master Instructor designation (as designated by Master Instructors LLC)
      • Discount for FAA WINGS Advanced or Master phase within previous 12 months
      • Discount for “claims free” policy
    • Included coverage:
      • Uses include Flight Instruction, checkouts, check rides, personal or business use as well
      • Aircraft types included Single Engine, Multi Engine, Sail Planes, Sea Planes, LSAs, Standard and Experimental, sUAS now included [Sample Endorsement]
      • Bodily Injury and property damage liability for non-owned aircraft
      • Aircraft Physical Damage Liability coverage with options up to $200,000
      • Negligent Instruction Liability coverage same as selected policy liability limit (including Ground Instruction)
      • $1,000 Medical Payments coverage including the insured CFI
      • $5,000 Deductible coverage with purchase of non-owned physical damage limit, whichever is less
      • $1,000 Personal Effects coverage, i.e. headphones, charts, handhelds, etc.
      • $25,000 Search and Rescue expense coverage
      • $25,000 Runway Foaming and Emergency expense coverage
      • $25,000 Damage to Hangars and Contents coverage

Access: You must be a current member of SAFE (membership status will be verified prior to binding; Associate-level members are excluded from this program).

  • Already a SAFE member (other than Associate) — please log in to the SAFE website and follow the path Members Only > SAFE Liability Insurance Program to access additional information and begin the application process.
  • Not yet a SAFE member, or an Associate-level member — join or upgrade now to access this and other valuable members-only benefits!