Programs and Initiatives


SAFE’s Aviation Educator Mentoring Program enhances the professional development of aviation educators of all types. Through mentoring and support, participants grow stronger and smarter in promoting a safe aviation environment.

SAFE's members ... are highly accomplished people with a lot of valuable experience to transfer.  So let me congratulate you on starting the SAFE Aviation Educator Mentoring Program.  

I especially like the program statement that "Even experienced educators may occasionally want or need insights when teaching in new aircraft, or with new technologies and techniques."

J. Randolph Babbit
Former FAA Administrator

Any educator can become part of this unique program. This program matches expert aviation educators with those seeking assistance or improvement to become world class educators themselves by providing an effective framework for the mentoring process.

The program is available to current educators or educators-in-training, whether in flight, ground, youth, college, maintenance, or other aviation areas. Even experienced educators may occasionally want or need insights when teaching in new aircraft, or with new technologies and techniques.

How to participate: 

If you are a  current educators or educators-in-training, join our Facebook Mentoring Connection Group and ask some questions (get involved).
SAFE members interested in becoming mentors are invited to complete a simple online application on the mentoring home page.


SAFE and Aviation Insurance Resources have teamed up to bring SAFE member-flight instructors the best protection available in the industry at competitive rates.

Eligibility: Must be a current SAFE member (Associate-level members are excluded from participation in this particular program; membership status will be verified prior to binding)


SAFE’s K-12 Classroom Teacher Grant Program offers four $250.00 grants designed to encourage K-12 classroom teachers to incorporate aviation-themed lessons into their normal curriculum.  Aviation and aerospace topics are the perfect adjunct for teaching science, math, history, and even art.  Aviation and aerospace are topics that generate enthusiasm with all types of learners and all ages of students.

General Guidelines
The maximum allowable amount for each grant is $250.00.  Four SAFE grants will be awarded.  Two grants will be for teachers in Grades K-7 and two grant will be for teachers in Grades 8-12.

An individual teacher or a group of teachers from the same school may apply for a grant to design an aviation-themed classroom unit or complete an aviation-themed project.  For example, a SAFE grant could be used to pay for a bus and admission fees to take students to visit an aviation museum, go on a field trip to the local airport, buy materials to build a balsa wood glider or model rocket, or fund another type of project with an aviation or aerospace theme.

Any credentialed teacher in a public, private, or charter school may apply for a grant.  Local STEM coordinators and homeschooling cooperatives may also apply for a grant.Grants must be used within one year of the award.

Obligations of Grant Recipient
Recipients have the following obligations to SAFE, which will also be enumerated in the grant application:

  • To provide SAFE with at least two photographs (and appropriate permissions and/or copyright releases) that can be used for publicity purposes including posting on the SAFE website;
  • To write a 300 word report on how the project turned out;
  • To provide at least one lesson plan from the project that could be posted in the SAFE Resource Center to be shared with other aviation educators.

Grant Application

Download application

The application deadline is August 31!