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The General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) conducted a detailed analysis of fatal general aviation accidents for the period 2001–2010. Loss of control was identified as the predominant accident category; consequently, loss of control has become a special emphasis area for the FAA.

Simply stated, loss of control (LOC) refers to airplane accidents that result from situations in which the pilot should have maintained, or regained aircraft control, but did not. LOC is subdivided into two types: loss of control-in flight (LOC-I) and loss of control-ground (LOC-G). The following links should expand and improve your understanding of the loss of control issue:

Maintaining Aircraft Control – Becoming a safe, competent pilot requires proficiency in myriad physical and mental abilities. Regardless of a pilot’s certification level, constant practice and refinement are needed to maintain those hard earned skills. This paper, co-authored by SAFE members and LOC Subject Matter Experts Randy Brooks, Jeff Edwards, Janeen Kochan, Paul Ransbury, and Rich Stowell, introduces pilots to key LOC terminology and concepts.

Avoiding Loss of Control – Online course by the FAA Safety Team

Maintaining Aircraft Control (and How to Avoid Loss of Control) – Webinar by EAA/IAC

FAA Safety Briefing – March/April 2012 issue dedicated to LOC awareness & prevention

NTSB 2017 “Most Wanted List” –LOC Fact Sheet

“Pilot in Control” Rich Stowell

Guidelines for Pilots Seeking All-Attitude Training – Document by Rich Stowell

Safe and Effective Delivery of UPRT  –Rich Stowell, Randy Brooks and Paul Ransbury

GAJSC Fatal Accident Data Set, 2001–2010 – Puts the magnitude of LOC-I into perspective

Learn To Turn: Reducing Loss of Control through an Improved Training Methodology; Rich Stowell and Billy Winburn; .pdf

Stall/Spin Upset On Final, Alan Davis; .pdf

The Way We Teach Stalls, Spins and Recoveries – .ppt by Doug Stewart

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Association – For more information

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