We at SAFE are fascinated with the new FAA embrace of UASs and the potential for growth this creates in the aviation environment. On the other hand, we realize the potential for conflict with piloted aviation vehicles (planes helicopters, etc) so would like to embrace this market and facilitate a dialogue to create a positive environment and exchange of information and techniques. Our recent SAFE Blog post covers the new Part 107 regulations and certification requirements. SAFE also approached our insurance provider and added sUAV coverage to our insurance policy for members. Shopping the market for sUAV insurance you will see the SAFE policy is more comprehensive and less expensive than many alternatives.

We have created a form to gather interested members of this exciting and growing market. Please log into this form and register your interest. We are adding a dedicated member to service this field of interest (yes he is a real “drone nut”) Thanks for your interest and feel free to suggest programs and resources to build this area within SAFE…safe flying everyone!