One of the unique and primary tenets of SAFE is selecting our directors through a democratic process and on-line voting is the essential tool. To make this work each member casts only one vote (unlike Chicago where they “vote early and often”!)
To make this happen, you need to be an active member and also know your member number! If you have this, just go to the link sent out by e-mail and please vote. Unfortunately, people often forget their member number or login/password to the website. I will try to walk through some of the common problems here in order. First I will describe the ideal process and then I will cover how to fix problems you might encounter. (also FAQ Here)
To get your member number (or update your information, renew subscription, etc) you should use the box on the right of the SAFE home page. Login here to the member side of the safe website if you remember your login/password.
SAFE_WordpressLoginPortalIf you click “login” on the website it will show the WordPress login utility which will allow you to access the member side of the SAFE Website. Once validated, click on “manage your account” and find your member number for voting! There are several ways to do this once you are in the member management page. You can click “print a member card” or “print a certificate” and either of these will have your number displayed. It is also easy to scroll down and look for the number in the data field. Update any of your information while you are here! Remember when putting your member number in the voting website we need the whole number with all the zeros (stupid computers…) That is how it is coded into the database. Please enter your member number exactly as it appears.
SAFE_ManageAccountSAFE_MemberPasswordRecovery More commonly, members have forgotten their SAFE login or password to get into the website. To fix this, use the recovery utility found by clicking at the bottom of the usual WordPress login or click here. This will take you through the recovery process. If your e-mail has changed to a new address and you do not have access to your old address (and last resort) please get in touch with one of us and we can get into the database and find your credentials. Thanks for voting and participating in the democratic process of electing our directors.

Please “follow” our SAFE blog to receive notification of new articles. We would love for any member to write us a comment and also get in touch if you want to contribute an article. We always need more articles on aviation excellence or flight safety. Also as a member, please use our amazing member benefits. You access these on the same member side of the website. e.g. the $66 off your annual ForeFlight subscription will pay for your annual safe membership and leave money in your pocket! Fly safely.