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It’s a well-known fact that a loud, cramped cockpit does not make the best learning environment compared to a classroom, but it’s certainly the most enjoyable way to learn. Simulators combine the excitement of flight with the calm setting of a classroom, where students can learn aspects of flight that are simply not possible or safe in an airplane. With many modern flight training simulators, the cost is almost comparable to that of the actual airplane rental, making it less attractive to students. So how does one make the classroom environment both realistic and fun, while also being affordable and attractive to today’s student pilot?

GoFlight Technologies is a manufacturer of flight simulation controls for home use and training applications. Founded in 2000, GoFlight Technologies was one of the first companies to offer communication and navigation panels for the home simulation market. Since then, it has built a reputation for high quality products and dedication to the customer’s experience. Today, GoFlight’s mission is to bring its passion for flight simulation to the world of flight training. This is accomplished by making a superior solution while removing common entry barriers, such as cost, to the school owner/operator and ultimately, their customers, the student pilot.

GoFlight’s line of flight training equipment allows flight schools to give students an opportunity to practice procedures, checklists, flows and controls for less than half the hourly cost of aircraft rental. The result is a more proficient student who can become familiar with the aircraft with less time in the air. Therefore, improving your success rate as a flight school and increasing your marketable advantages to new students.

At GoFlight, the goal is to create smarter, more proficient pilots through enhanced training tools. GoFlight’s diverse line of products appeal to all sectors of the industry, from entry level systems to full trainers, with solutions to fit any budget. GoFlight has the solutions to make any flight school rise above the rest in training the pilots of tomorrow, while saving cost of operations.

To find out more, please send us an email at customerservice@goflightinc.com or visit us at www.goflightinc.com.


Mindstar Aviation
Mindstar Aviation is gearing up for AirVenture 2015. At this year’s Oshkosh event Mindstar will be contributing its expertise in flight simulation to the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center. The company is working alongside other sponsors, including volunteers from SAFE, at the “Stick and Rudder” center. Mindstar has co-developed six VFR scenarios accessible on six Redbird LD simulation devices. Each of these virtual sorties has a specific practical challenge and completion objective. Lesson content includes dealing with the effects of density altitude, inadvertent entry into IMC and a unique short field challenge – landing a 172 on an aircraft carrier.

Mindstar Aviation is an enthusiastic proponent of scenario-based simulation training. The company recently completed a month-long demonstration of its AirspaceVR virtual communications network. Sixteen Redbird simulation training devices at eight locations in the Washington DC metro area were networked together to form the National Capital Area Flight Simulation Network. Mindstar worked with SAFE to develop the “Shenandoah Sortie”, a simulation scenario focused on preventing loss-of-control in flight. Over twenty people flew the highly realistic mission oriented between Front Royal and New Market, VA. Findings from the flight are currently being compiled and will be made available at www.mindstarcommunity.com.

Mindstar Aviation provides software and hardware to the flight simulation market. All company members are active pilots and value the importance of pilot proficiency. They also recognize the role of flight simulation in maintaining currency. In addition to the AirspaceVR virtual communications platform, Mindstar provides simulation avionics: G1000, GNS 530/430, KAP140 and custom ATD platforms for such aircraft as the King Air 350, Cessna Mustang, and Cirrus SR22. Mindstar is also the exclusive provider for navigation software installed on all Redbird AATD models (FMX, LD, MCX, etc.).

Mindstar Aviation is located in the Washington, DC area with offices at the Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO). For more information please feel free to contact Billy Winburn at billywin@mindstaraviation.com or visit www.mindstarcommunity.com.