Institutional Memberships; Build Professionalism, Reward Your Educators!

SAFE now offers an Institutional Membership option for flight schools and aviation colleges.  The membership fee is based on how many employees the institution wants included in the Institutional Membership.  The fee categories are show below:

3 – 5 Employees
6 – 10 Employees
11 – 14 Employees
15 – 20 Employees
21 – 25 Employees
26 – 30 Employees
Over 31 Employees

The account creator will be  the master administrator and/or primary contact on the this account.  After you purchase the Institutional Membership, you will receive a purchase receipt through email.  Simply reply to that email to provide SAFE with your list of employees that are to be set up under the Institutional Membership.  We need their name, address, phone number, and email address.

Each employee whose name is submitted to SAFE under the Institutional Membership account will be listed in the Find A SAFE Educator directory on the SAFE website and the institution name will be listed in the Institutional Member directory also on the SAFE website.

Please note that employees of flight schools or aviation colleges, who become SAFE members by virtue of their employer purchasing an Institutional Membership will not receive a free subscription to Flying digital magazine or be eligible to purchase flight instructor liability insurance through SAFE or discounts on Foreflight.  Only Regular Members receive a free subscription to Flying digital magazine and are eligible to purchase flight instructor liability insurance through SAFE.

For more information, contact Member Services using the form below: