by Roger Sharp, Director of Flight Operations, Redbird Flight Simulations

Redbird Flight Simulation’s Skyport experiment was specifically designed to look at the future of flight training–to retain the best of what works and to overhaul what doesn’t. At its Migration Flight Training Conference in October 2012, Redbird announced the school has graduated 20 Private Pilots, as well as completed 18 instrument ratings, one multi-engine rating and one instrument instructor certificate. It took an average of 38 flight hours to complete private pilot certification, which is less than two-thirds the national average.

In the following videos from the Aero-TV Network, Roger Sharp provides a detailed report on the first year of the exciting Skyport Experiment. SAFE and Redbird have also partnered to develop and provide the Pilot Proficiency Project at aviation venues across the U.S.

Part 1 (12 minutes):

Part 2 (10 minutes):

Part 3 (10 minutes):

Part 4 (11 minutes):

Part 5 (9 minutes):

Thanks to Jim Campbell and the staff at Aero-News and Aero-TV for the use of these videos.