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Our primary mission at SAFE is to foster, promote and enable the increased professionalism of our aviation educators. We do this by providing tools like our free CFI Toolkit App (which contains all the necessary CFI endorsements and experience requirements for all pilot certificates and ratings). We also provide a database of all SAFE educators and a mentoring program to bond experienced CFIs with newly-minted instructors to provide guidance and promote safety.

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Our SAFE member benefits and promotions page has discounts (1/3 off!) on ForeFlight and Cloud Ahoy to provide technology tools to the professional educator and foster safety in flight. Modern Pilot offers their ForeFlight PowerUser course to members for only $67 (ad this includes a year’s membership) All major magazines are discounted for members also (free Flying and GA News) These generous sponsor discounts more than pay for your membership fee every year!

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SAFE works with the FAA continuously to achieve meaningful change and improvement in the FAA manuals and the flight training standards. We advocate for positive change on behalf of our members. SAFE sponsored the FAA Pilot Training Reform Symposium that led to the creation of the new Airman Certification Standard. This important new FAA Testing Standard incorporates judgment into the flight training and testing process.

SAFE provides an open forum, the SAFE Blog, for the free interchange of ideas and comments, publishing the latest commentary and news regarding flight training innovations and advocating for flight educator professionalism. Guest columnists like Rod Machado contribute frequently and support our safety mission…join our growing membership!